clear Pricing

With all the misinformation flying about now, having a clear view on outgoings is an absolute must

$129 per month

US Dollars, including all applicable taxes and fees.

Unlimited message storage, with up to 100 Mb of data per message. Send documents, images and even small videos.

Unlimited recipients, per message. Send to to as few or as many recipients as you need to. Add, remove or edit messages and recipients any time.

Exclusive access to the Message Ark multi-tier, deep-linking referral program; allowing you to earn while you prepare.

No unexpected fees

No fees

Message Ark plans to eat all the fees and taxes. No add-on’s, no last minute “processing fee”; no “convenience fee”. The price is the price is the price. The way it should be.

All access

Message Ark will offer a single access teir; not “plans”. Active members will receive access to every single feature with their membership. Bo extra’s to buy; no paywalled features.

All features included in membership - no paywalls or tiers

Transparency is key to reciprocal accountability, which we use to be both free and smart. It is the miracle tool that enables us to question the lies of monsters.

What could I send?


PDF’s, Word Documents, Text Documents, Spreadsheets and any other text’y document.


Photographs, graphics, scans of documents, scans of news clippings, and other images up to 100 Mb in size.


Short videos up to 100 Mb in size; with the option to link larger videos on external storage.


Ordinary, every-day text. We are going to be sending emails, after all! Simple text email messages are often overlooked.


Zipped, encrypted or other files the recipient might need; either to see to your affairs, or for their life going forward.


Links to reference material, encrypted files, downloads, other websites and data stored on third-party storage.

Reliable, Predictable Billing


Technical systems allowing, Message Ark aims to deduct membership dues on the first working day of each month. No sneaky surprises, or unexpected tomfoolery.


The team at Message Ark aim to be as transparent as possible with membership dues, fees and any additional actions that need to be taken. Communication is key.

Communication is key

Stay Informed

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