The Dead-Man Switch
Taking a Deep Dive into one of Message Ark's Key Features

Whether it's due to an unforeseen disaster, a sudden regime change, or even an unexpected internet outage, there are times when we wish our messages could reach the people we care about, even when we can't send them ourselves.

Providing peace of mind in uncertain times

Life, with its unpredictability, often throws curveballs at us. Whether it’s due to an unforeseen disaster, a sudden regime change, or even an unexpected internet outage, there are times when we wish our messages could reach the people we care about, even when we can’t send them ourselves. That’s where Message Ark’s innovative feature, the Dead-Man Switch, comes into play. This unique tool ensures that your voice is heard when it matters most, providing peace of mind in uncertain times.

In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into what the Dead-Man Switch is, how it functions, and the real-life scenarios where it can be of immense value.

What is a Dead-Man Switch?

A Dead-Man Switch, or fail-safe, is a feature that sends your pre-scheduled messages only when you can’t access your Message Ark account for a predetermined time. It acts as your communication guardian angel, stepping in when you’re unable to interact, such as during an emergency or in case your rights are being denied.

To set it up, you write your important message in Message Ark and set the Dead-Man Switch timer. If you don’t log into your account within the time you’ve set, the switch is triggered, and your message is auto-sent to the chosen recipients.

When Can the Dead-Man Switch be Used?

The Dead-Man Switch is incredibly versatile, with numerous use cases that serve a broad spectrum of users. We’ll illustrate this with a few examples:

Fiona is a devoted believer who values preparedness and communication during critical spiritual events. She’s concerned about the possibility of the Rapture occurring, and the potential for some of her loved ones to be left behind. Fiona wants to ensure that, in the event of the Rapture, her family members receive messages filled with love, guidance, and important information to help them navigate the challenging times ahead.

Fiona creates an account on Message Ark and composes individual messages for each of her family members. In her messages, she shares her love, expresses her faith, and provides guidance on what steps to take in the event of the Rapture. She also includes important information about her financial and legal affairs to help her family manage her estate.

Next, Fiona sets the trigger event to The Rapture. Message Ark’s administrators, some of who will likely be left behind after the Rapture, activate the switch and send her messages to her loved ones, when the time comes.

When the Rapture occurs, Fiona is taken up with other believers, potentially leaving some of her family members and/or close friends behind. The Message Ark admins, who will be very aware of the event, notify the system of the Rapture’s occurence, and Fiona’s messages are securely delivered to her family members. Thanks to Message Ark, Fiona’s love, guidance, and important information reach her loved ones during a critical spiritual event, providing them with comfort and direction during an uncertain time.

Paul is a concerned citizen who values his freedom of speech and protection of personal information. He has recently uncovered some vital evidence that could expose a major issue affecting his community. Knowing the potential risks involved in sharing such information, Paul decides to use Message Ark’s dead-man switch feature to ensure the evidence reaches his trusted friend, should anything happen to him.

Paul creates an account on Message Ark and composes a message to his friend, detailing the importance of the evidence and what actions to take upon receiving it. He then attaches the digital evidence to the message, ensuring that it is securely encrypted and can only be accessed by the intended recipient.

Next, Paul sets up the a trigger event, choosing a duration of 7 days for the timer. If he doesn’t check in on his Message Ark account within that time frame, the platform will automatically trigger the switch and send the message to his friend, along with instructions on how to securely download any attachments.

A few days later, Paul faces an “unexpected situation” where he is “unable to access his account”. The dead-man switch is triggered, and the message containing the critical evidence is delivered to his friend. Thanks to Message Ark, Paul’s voice is heard, and the information is passed on to someone who can take action, even when he is unable to communicate directly.

Peter is a vigilant individual who is always prepared for potential catastrophes, including civil unrest in his local area. Knowing that communication during such events is crucial, he wants a secure and reliable method to contact his close family and trusted prepper-community members. Pete turns to Message Ark to ensure that his messages reach their intended recipients, even if he’s not there to send them.

Pete creates an account on Message Ark and composes a detailed message containing instructions about his secret rural property, where he plans to retreat in case of a “Shit’s hit the fan” (SHTF) event. He shares the location, essential supplies to bring, and security measures that must be taken upon arrival. He then adds the email addresses of his close family members and trusted prepper-community members as the recipients.

Next, Pete sets up the dead-man switch by selecting both the Failure to log in for 30 days, and Civil War or Recognised Violent Coup triggers. He chooses to give himself an additional buffer of 2 weeks, meaning that if he hasn’t logged into Message Ark for 14 consecutive days after the trigger event has been fired, the system will assume an SHTF event has occurred and automatically send his messages.

When serious civil unrest breaks out in Peter’s local area, he retreats to his secret property without informing anyone. With an off-shore admin noting Civial War has broken out, after 2 weeks of absence from his Message Ark account, the dead-man switch is triggered, and the system securely delivers his messages to his close family and trusted prepper-community members. Thanks to Message Ark, Pete’s loved ones and fellow preppers receive vital information about the secret rural property, allowing them to regroup and stay safe during the chaotic situation.

These real-life examples highlight the versatility of the Dead-Man Switch, a tool that has become essential in an increasingly uncertain world.

Why Choose Message Ark’s Dead-Man Switch?

At Message Ark, we believe in the power of communication and the importance of ensuring your voice is heard, even in the most uncertain times. Our Dead-Man Switch feature is designed with these principles in mind.

With Message Ark, your messages are sent safely and securely. We uphold your privacy and protect your personal thoughts and feelings, no matter what happens. To further enhance your security, read more about our commitment to your digital legacy and how we are redefining privacy.

So, if you value preparedness, freedom of speech, and the power of communication, support Message Ark today. Be it an anticipated spiritual event, exposing a crucial issue, or preparing for potential unrest, our Dead-Man Switch is designed to make sure your voice is always heard.

While the Dead-Man Switch is a valuable tool, it’s just one aspect of how Message Ark empowers you. Discover how we’re redefining secure communication for the future, and join us in our journey to make communication secure, reliable, and resilient.

The Dead-Man Switch is more than just a feature; it’s a symbol of resilience in the face of uncertainty. With Message Ark, rest assured that your voice will always be heard, no matter what the future holds.

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