Deep-Linking Referral Program
Have you ever wondered how Message Ark's deep-linking referral structure works?

Today, we're peeling back the layers to reveal the technology that powers our deep-linking referral system. These powerful tools help spread the word about a product or service and reward those who do so.

The Technology Behind Message Ark’s Deep-Linking Referral Structure

Have you ever wondered how Message Ark’s deep-linking referral structure works? If you’ve ever worked from home or dabbled in affiliate marketing, you’ve probably encountered referral links. These powerful tools help spread the word about a product or service and reward those who do so. Today, we’re peeling back the layers to reveal the technology that powers our deep-linking referral system.

Our system leverages a powerful plugin: Affiliate for WooCommerce. This versatile tool is compatible with the WooCommerce core and offers full control and accuracy over your affiliate program​1​.

The Underlying Technology

At its core, Affiliate for WooCommerce allows people to sign up as affiliates and create referral links to promote our services. As affiliates, users have the ability to promote and even use coupons for referrals. This means you, as a Message Ark user, can become an ambassador for our brand, sharing our message of secure and reliable communication solutions with your network​.

This technology also enables us to track affiliate progress and adjustments, calculate commissions based on a variety of conditions, and even set up a multi-tier affiliate program. In this structure, affiliates earn commissions on the sales they generate and also on the sales generated by people they refer to our program. This translates into a comprehensive, secure, and fair referral system​1​.

The Benefits

One of the main benefits of this system is the possibility of lifetime commissions. Once an affiliate’s referral results in a purchase, the affiliate will continue to earn a commission on subsequent purchases made by that customer. This incentivizes our affiliates to continuously promote our services and further spread the word about Message Ark. What’s more, this system works independently of browser cookies, making it a reliable source of income for affiliates​1​.

Moreover, Affiliate for WooCommerce offers a unique feature: marketing campaigns. We can organize our marketing and promotional materials, which affiliates can use to better promote our brand. This ranges from brand logos to videos, guidelines, and social media assets. The system also supports payouts via PayPal, making it convenient and efficient for our affiliates​.

Impact on User Experience

Our deep-linking referral structure significantly enhances user experience. Affiliates have access to a self-care dashboard from which they can manage everything from generating referral URLs to viewing their earned commissions and picking up marketing assets to promote our services. The system also allows for easy search and filtering of affiliates, orders, tags, and commissions, creating a smooth and user-friendly experience​1​.

Furthermore, we can create and assign tags to affiliates based on their performance, allowing for better management and recognition of top-performing affiliates​1​.

With our powerful deep-linking referral structure, we’ve created an affiliate program that not only benefits our company but also provides a rewarding experience for our affiliates.

Are you interested in becoming an affiliate? Visit our Entrepreneurs page to learn more. You can also check out our pricing page for more information on our services. To stay updated on the latest news and updates from Message Ark, don’t forget to visit our Updates page.

At Message Ark, we’re not just building a service – we’re building a community. Join us in our mission to reshape the future of secure communication.

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